Monday, November 07, 2005

Visit Nov, 4, 2005

Kathy and Bruce, two CoCo View guests and Yannie from Playa Miguel and myself visited the children on Friday. We delivered a van full of goodies ,much of it donated from the Gypsy Divers who were at Co Co view the week before. The supplies included new sheets for all the beds, toothpaste, shampoo, books , videos, dolls, stickers, clothes, shower curtains, soap, crayons, coloring books, towels, cough syrup, vitamins, band aids, combs, hair brushes , hair clips, toys and toothbrushes to last for a year. Each child also received a teddy bear.
We delivered a special box to Karla from Joanne who visited the home with me last trip.
On the way over we stopped at Eldon's and spent the $150 the guests left and we stocked up on rice, beans, powered milk, cereal, Mack and cheese and flour.
Bruce took a picture of each child and Keith the webmaster will post them on the web page as soon as he has time.
I am also working on a way we can write to the kids and can get letters back from them.
There will also be an updated list of what the home needs in the way of supplies.


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