Monday, February 20, 2006

new non profit to form

Wonderful mention in the CoCo View winter newsletter. Many thanks to Elizabeth for the write up and for all the behind the scenes she has been doing for the home.

Thanks to the overwhelming response from CoCo View quests and others who have found the web site, the Children’s home has gotten many of their much needed supplies.. The children had a wonderful Christmas and continue to receive items on their wish list and get many welcomed visits from adults. So many people have expressed a desire to help in other ways that we are faced with a question on what do we do from here.

We are now in the process of forming a Non-Profit Corporation that will support the continuing financial needs of the home. As most of you already know the remaining 2005 tuition for 8 of the children who attend the bilingual school was payed for by a CoCo View guest and CoCo View will pay for all of the 2006 tuition for the 8 children who currently attend. The goal of the new Non-Profit Corporation will be to help even more of the children attend school, cover the expense of uniforms, books, school lunches and transportation to school.

The Non-Profit Corporation will pay the electric bill, medical, dental and other ongoing expenses. The home is in urgent need of plumbing repairs and as you can imagine any home with 26 children has need for constant attention. Long term, the home needs some kind of security fence around the property and the washer and dryer will need replacing soon.

To keep in the good graces of the IRS we will pay all the bills directly to the suppliers. There are restriction to how this is done and we want to maintain the non profit standing so the donations will be tax deductible for US citizens and also be eligible for matching funds by many large corporations. There will soon be a PayPal button on the web site and an address where folks can send checks.

All the set up costs and yearly administration costs will be paid by a private donor so everyone can be satisfied that ALL the money donated will go to the children’s care. An audit will be done once a year and the financials will be available for anyone to view.

We would welcome all your ideas on how to continue to help these children.


Lynn Fanelli


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