Monday, March 13, 2006


I just received this email from Linda and asked her if I could share it with everyone.

"When planning our cruise of Feb 2005, I happened upon the cruisecritic website and learned of an orphanage in Roatan. (It was the other one, the one more reknowned that they were referring to.) When we arrived in port, we hired a wonderful cabdriver named Audrey and asked her to take us to the childrens home, and Majken Brophy was the one she took us to. It was a life changing experience for us ( my boyfriend and my two daughters, ages 31 and 27). I had taken a collection at work and the high school students had brought me school supplies and medicines to take with me. I had dropped off some of the school supplies at the school just down the road and took the rest of the items to the childrens home. "


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