Thursday, April 24, 2008

Roatan Children's Home 2008 Update

Last year all the wonderful supporters of the Roatan Children’s Fund gave up their Starbucks lattes for the weekend in response to a plea when the last of the two washing machines at the Majken Broby Children's Home gave up the ghost. We raised over $3400 in one weekend. Not only were we able to replace both washing machines with new ones but we also replaced a clothes dryer and a refrigerator and we still had our money left over to purchase a new set of furniture for the great room and have the dining room chairs sanded and painted. We thank you for your support that made this all possible.

This year "Stepping Up and Reaching Out Ministries" will be on a mission trip working at the children's home. Headed up by Pastor David Goode they will be erecting 500 feet of chain-link fence around the children's home. This will accomplish the goals of keeping the children safe and discouraging unwelcome people from wandering onto the property where the children are playing. They have already purchased the materials for this effort.

The mission volunteers will also create and install a new playground area but do not have the funds for this project. We at the Roatan Children’s Fund have made a commitment to them to make the playground area a reality. So now we are asking all our friends and supporters to give up their Starbucks coffee for one weekend again and make a donation so the children at the Majken Broby Children's Home will have a safe and fun place to play.

Please help the children of the Roatan Children's Home by making
a donation towards the purchase of a new playground.


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