Friday, February 09, 2007

Roatan Children's Home

Urgent need.

This email is by Mark Schuler, the House Parent at the Children's Home. Here is a link
RECO, the electric company on Roatan has serious operational and financial woes. Several nights a week, they cut lights for hours at a time, and the ladies at the home are at wits end; it is tough to manage the kids when you can see them, and even tougher when you can’t. Would it be possible for someone to bring us about 6 nice, bright halogen or metal halide battery powered lanterns that we could have here for use during the outages? We have looked all over the island, and all I have been able to find is kerosene lamps, which I am reluctant to buy for safety reasons. If this could be worked out, it would be a huge help, and THANKS!!



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