Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sept 16, 2005 Visit

Sept 16, 2005 Visit
A group of 9 divers from CoCo View Resort took some surface time to go visit the kids at the Children's Home on Friday Sept 16, 2005. We delivered boxes full of soap, shampoo, toothpaste, crayons and coloring books, toys and little gifts for the children. While some of the men played soccer or gave piggy back rides the woman took pictures and talked to the girls. The big hit of the day was the candy that the kids were expecting. The directors wife told us that the home needs cough syrup, childrens Tylenol, vitamins, notebooks for the kids to use at school, and calculators for the older children. The dollar store has great deals on these items. Also in need are books and videos and DVD's in both English and Spanish. Please visit our web site @ for a more complete list of the items needed. When it got time to get back in the van I noticed that a lot of the boys were running around with " new" sunglasses. All the men had given the kids their sunglasses. A great time was had by all.

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Welcome to the Blog for the Children's Home in Gravel Bay on the beautiful Island of Roatan. We are a group of SCUBA divers who frequent CoCo View Resort, Dockside Dive Center and the beach houses of Playa Miguel . We have developed a web site to help these children of Roatan. Please visit our web site @ and we welcome your suggestions.

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