Sunday, January 22, 2006


We have just updated the web site with new information on the ages of the children and a new list of items needed. There was such a wonderful response at Christmas time that the home has many of the past items listed. Right now they still need clothes to go to church.
We are also working on a new way to make cash donations since so many people have expressed a desire to help pay for more education and help with some much needed repairs. We are working to get this information as soon as possible.
Thank you. We are making a difference.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Christmas for Children

Wow, what a Christmas for the children. Thanks to so many CoCo View guest the children had new toys, clothes, dvd's and many, many more gifts. Thank you to everyone who sent gifts and to the guests who went grocery shopping and spent time visiting the children.

Now for the even better news.......Nancy Panther told a friend of hers that she was going to visit the children when she was at Coco View at Christmas with her family. Her friend Pam gave her some money and told her to spend it on the children. Well, Nancy and Pam paid the remainder of the tuition bill for 2005 for the 8 children who go to the bilingual school. Now for even more news.... CoCo View has offered to pay for the ALL the tuition for the 8 children for 2006. No wonder so many of us think of CoCo View as our "home" . What wonderful news. Now the children have the opportunity to continue to learn English so they will have a better chance of employment on an Island that depends so much on the travel industry. Thank you so much.

Now even more news......Cynthia Cheak , a friend of mine who works for Dell, is helping me pay for a new laptop computer. The webmaster is going to load it up with learning games. So if anyone has kids games for math , english or other subjects let me know. Since I don't have kids I don't know about this stuff.

Thank you all so much......we are making a difference.

Now we have to work on the plumbing.........that's another day.