Sunday, May 31, 2009


The "Roatan Earthquake" struck early Thursday morning offshore Roatan. The epicenter was less that 30 miles from the Island and from all reports certainly awoke the residents to violent shaking. Most of the damage so far seems to be broken glass and things falling off shelves. We do not have a lot of reports of major damage.
All the children of the Majken Broby Children's Home are fine and they had the day off Thursday since all the schools closed for the day. We have yet to hear about damage from all the outlying schools we help support. It may take several days to get those reports.
Thank you to all the folks who sent emails inquiring about the kids and asking if they needed help. Our biggest need at this time is money for bottled water and vitamins. We also have books, clothes, schools supplies and some supplies for Clinica Esperanza in the US that we could use help with shipping costs so we can get them to Roatan as soon as possible.

Lynn Fanelli