Saturday, December 24, 2005

Missed call


you called me yesterday and left me a message on my phone. Please call back as I did not get the phone # to return your call. Please also leave the # in English if you can. Or email me your #. You can email me in Spanish.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Christmas gifts on the way

Joe Hamm and dive buddy Wayne who visited the home in September during their week of diving at Co Co View wanted to do some Christmas shopping for the children. They enlisted their friends Heather & Jason, Diane & Chris, Lauren & Chris, Jeff and Joes mother. They all took a part of the children's list and went shopping. Now two large boxes are on the way to Roatan.

Lots of other CoCo View guests are also packing their suitcases with extra goodies for the kids. Everyone's help will make a great Christmas for the children. I understand that some letters are on the way to me. I will post them her as soon as I get them.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Notes from CoCo View guests

my hubby and i just got back from our 1st trip to ccv last sat. night.

we had a superb time at the resort with great weather and awesome diving!

one of our week's highlights was our visit to the children's home on friday afternooon. we hired luis ( the cab driver) to take us to see them.

we had a 50lb bag of goodies that we lugged all the way from our home here in canada.

when we drove up to the home, one of the boys peeked in the cab, saw two white people and went "YIPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"!

what sweet and wonderful kids. i got hugs and kisses like crazy!

we distributed the goodies and visited for about an hour.

one of the older girls gave me a card to take back to my daughter as a thank you for all the dolls she sent down for them. my daughter is 12 and would like to become penpals as well. aminta gave me their address and i have the names of all the kids but not their ages. i'm hoping to get my friend's kids going on being penpals as well.

anyways, it's definately worth lugging and extra suitcase or two done for those sweeties. i look forward to seeing them again.


We just got back from a great week at CoCo View. We are a family of four with 2 teenage boys. We visited the Children's Home on Friday afternoon and it was a moving experience. The home sits across from the waterfront and while we were there, two huge cruise ships were moored just to the east in full view of the front yard.

We skipped the island tour($25) offered at CoCo View and hired a cab at $10 per person to drive us. Yannie took us to Eldon's supermarket and shopped with us for food staples and cookies for the kids. We had a great tour through Coxen Hole on the way. It was well worth the trouble because the kids were so happy to see us, proud to show us their home and were bright eyed and said thank you many times.

We took Barbie's and small Cars for each child. If you look at the website , many of the kids want computers. On further explanation, what they want are the learning toys from companies like V-Tech for helping with English, colors, math etc.

From Beth Melone